Transportation Financing

Oakmont Capital transportation financing is fast, affordable and reputable. Our streamlined process can approve your truck financing request of up to $300,000 within a few hours. We can fund from scanned documents, so the whole process can take less than a day!

Oakmont Capital Services finances vocational vehicles, local and long haul delivery trucks, and trailers. Simply complete our quick vehicle credit application; it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Use Oakmont Capital Services for:

  • New and used equipment
  • 90-day deferred payment option at most credit levels
  • Seasonal Payments; skip up to 3 consecutive payments per year
  • 100% financing
  • Application up to $300,000
  • Municipal leasing options
  • Wide Credit Window (A+ to C)
  • Underwrite start-ups with good credit

We finance trucks, trailers, service vehicles and more: 

Dry Van Trucks and Trailers
Chipper & Bark Blower Trucks
Solid Waste Trucks & Equipment
Liquid Waste Trucks & Equipment 
Dump and Hauling Trucks
Tank Trailers
Service & Tool Trucks

Tow Trucks
Rock Slingers
FedEx, Delivery & Box Trucks
Food and Catering Trucks
Crane Trucks
Bucket Trucks
Specialty Trucks


Why Choose OCS

“As industry veterans starting a new venture from scratch, we needed a financing partner that understood the waste business and the needs of a start up. Oakmont Capital Services LLC was that partner for Cape & Islands Disposal LLC.

Andy and DJ worked hard to get us the financing for the equipment we required to be competitive from our inception. We were able to acquire the right equipment with great rates quickly so we could hit the road running! DJ and Andy worked right alongside us to make sure the paperwork was done, the vendors were paid and Cape & Islands Disposal LLC had our equipment ready to work immediately.

Oakmont Capital Services was a vital partner in making Cape & Islands Disposal LLC a reality.”

Billy Sullivan & Paul Barry III
Cape & Islands Disposal LLC